How to Get Maximum Mileage from Your Writing: 3 Quick & Easy Fixes

This is a sample from the mini ebook, Business Writing Skills: 3 Quick & Easy Improvements You Can Make Today, by Robert F. Abbott. You can find the complete book at .


Business Writing SkillsDo you want to power up your writing, to make it livelier, more readable, and more persuasive?

Perhaps you find writing painful or frustrating. Maybe you’re disappointed when your messages don’t deliver the results you need. Or perhaps you have trouble communicating your ideas in written words.

I often felt confused and stuck in my writing, and struggled with attempts to improve it, until I found and focused on three simple techniques. When applied together, these writing tips led me to real writing improvements.

Now, more than two decades later, I still use these techniques and I’m pleased to pass them on to you with my recommendation. Of course, if you write fiction, poetry, or anything genre-specific, you may not find this advice useful. When it comes to business writing however, these techniques will quickly power up your writing.

In 30 minutes or less of reading, you’ll have completed this concise booklet and learned not only the techniques, but how to apply them as well. Add an hour’s worth of practice and you’ll enjoy new writing skills that will make you a more confident and more effective writer.

Next: Passive verbs can drain the life out of our messages. As our free sample continues, you’ll learn how to find passive verbs and replace them with active verbs. Quick and easy techniques on the next page.

Business Writing Skills